The following CDS and EPS by Mark Turns are available on iTunes, Spotify, Shazam, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal and many more:

1). MGT Sounds Of Funktown.

2). Bitter & Sweet. (Music spoken-word love story. Full-length CD)

3). Freedom! Will It Include Me & My People? (A Black-History Acknowledgment)

4). Soul & Daylight.

5). Children’s Songs Volume 1.

6). Harmony & Truth. (Spoken-Word & Songs)

7). It Is What It Is.

8). Songs & A Poem. (Reggae Singles)

9). A Cake Made From Scratch. (Spoken-Word)

10). Old-School Spoken-Word & Songs Of Mark Turns Volume 1.

11). On The Wall.

12). Comin’ Through.

13). Scent Of Graffiti.

14). Stop Spraying Cologne And Perfume On Odor & Funk. (Audiobook)

15). Old-School Spoken-Word Of Mark Turns, Volume 2.

16). Draw It Plain. 

17). Children’s Songs Volume 2.

18). There It Is.

19). Make It Strong.

20). Emotion.

21). Peace Of Mind.

22). Say It.

23). Meaningful Love.

24). The Beat Is My Heart.

25). Old-School Spoken-Word & Songs Of Mark Turns Volume 3.

26). Are You Holding Hands With Real Love? (Coming to ITunes late-December 2019)

27. To The Point. (Coming to ITunes in 2020. Release date to be announced)

The following 20 singles:

Its Your Lady;  Real Love Is Blessed (Song Version); The Doors Open & Close The Certain & The Uncertain (Remix); Ultimatum Is Now, Not Later (Remix); Vampire Kisses; You And Me Belong Together (Reggae Version); She Makes Me Wanna’ Do That (Old-School Mix);  Cuttin’ Up; Start The Time; No Speed Slippin; Suspended License; Can You Hear Me Though The Noise?;  Voices Unheard; Theme Song To Poetry Reign; Kissin’ Thing (Reggae-Version); Gentle Hand & A Gentle Word; If I Lit A Candle; Truly And Always A Lady (Reggae-Remix); I Just Need To Ask Ya’ -AND- Mama Got Some Thickness Goin’ On are all available on iTunes, Spotify,  Shazam, Apple Music, Tidal and and many more. And also through this link: .

*** The free SongCast mobile app to listen to Mark’s music on demand is also available through The App Store and also through Google Play.***Or click directly on this link to get the free SongCast Radio app:  

The following 21 songs and spoken-word by Mark Turns are now playing on SongCast Radio, Tune In and Shoutcast Radio under the Pop and the Special-Interest genres: 

1.  Pick Me Up In Your Pick-Up Truck.

2.  What Is The Difference?

3.  Love- And That’s The Law.

4.  It’s Your Lady. 

5. The Ultimatum Is Now, Not Later (Remix)

6. The Doors Open & Close The Certain & The Uncertain (Remix)

7.  This Day Will Never Cry.

8.  This Is Whatcha’ Get for Gettin’ So Caught-Up.

9.  Real Love Is Blessed (Spoken-Word Version)

10. Wisdoms Of A Mother. 

11. There’s No Need Of Hollerin’.

12. Very Beautiful Eyes. 

13. Real Love Is Blessed (Song Version)

14. Mercury Zephyr.

15. What You Need Is A Husband.

16. Lovin’  A Woman (Remix)

17. A Princess.

18. Yeah! You Know This Is Deep.

19. Cleveland File.

20. Hungry.

21. I’ve Heard The Songs Before.