The War On Poverty?


****These are the issues concerning why many people are in poverty and may end-up in poverty.****

Check out this link “Say What??” . Also check out ” Subconscious alcohol” because this can also be a contributing factor as to why many people are in poverty and may end-up in poverty too. When people speak of sophisticated electronics, computer software, etc. being used to enslave people, it’s already being done and has been done without using any of the above-mentioned electronics or software. It doesn’t take 4 walls and bars to make a prison. Read and listen to the 2 above and below “Say What??” -and- “Subconscious Alcohol” links. Many people are currently in and may remain in the situations that are mentioned in these 2 links. Or they may end-up in one or more of these situations being discussed in these 2 links.

It has been very recently reported in the news that college athletes are wanting to unionize college sports. My thought on this process is if the college athletes are going to be allowed to unionize college sports then all of the non-athletic students that attend college should be able to unionize and have their college tuition and college debts reduced to zero. It’s only fair. Why should any college athlete and athletic coach receive a free education along with potentially collecting huge checks while other students who attend that same college/university struggle to pay student-loan debt? Think about it. The college athlete would receive a full-scholarship AND get paid while the non-athletic student may have to rely on student-loans that they’ll more than likely, have to pay back. The college athlete will also have a free college education to fall-back on if he/she doesn’t go on to play pro-sports while the non-athletic student will have to struggle to find decent employment AND pay back student-loan debt. Society doesn’t have any issues with athletes and coaches making millions of dollars per year along with supporting them but, they have issues with workers whom are willing to work earning a living wage. Something is wrong with that picture. The following applies to the past, present and to the future. As long as mankind believes that they can have their cake and eat it too, mankind will always be their own worst enemy and the destruction of their own society.

MORE LINKS (Say What??) (Subconscious Alcohol)

This Silly “Knock-Out” Game. Stop The Foolishness!

I contacted the Mayors Office very recently regarding a so-called game called the knockout game that has been going on. Pure foolishness!

I suggested that if a person(s) knowingly and freely assaults another person(s) as a part of this knockout game then the charge of assault should be upgraded to attempted murder and actual murder if the victim(s) dies. The attempted murder is if the victim suffers severe body trauma including coma as a result of this knockout game. I also suggested that any and all persons that may be directly or indirectly linked to the above-mentioned crime/knockout game should be charged as accessories to the crime(s). I encourage everyone to reach out to their City Mayor and other elected officials regarding this.

Lets stop the senseless violence.