Dealin’ With The Baggage. By: Mark Turns. Copyright (c) 2008 Mark Turns.

Don’t Take Me Through All Of These Changes (Remix). By Mark Turns. Copyright (c)2007/2008 Mark Turns.

I Love You, But… Isn’t Always Bad. By: Mark Turns. Copyright (c) 2011 Mark Turns.

*** I Love You, But… can be bad however, there are times, when “I Love You, But…” may not be so bad because, there are people who are willing to tell the one they love the truth instead of waiting until they’re serious and then the one they love finds out they have tremendous amounts of baggage that may eventually affect both of them and their relationship.  There are also times when you find out that someone isn’t the person whom you thought they were. There are also times when the signs are already there as plain as daylight that tell you what the middle and the ending of the story or journey is going to be before it even gets started. Nobody’s perfect but there are many times when giving your love to the wrong person can have devastating results.

Regarding the above-mentioned titles “ Dealin’ With The Baggage” –AND- “I Love You, But” let me put it another way as it would apply to relationships. You saw a new car that you really love and you have every intention on buying but, before you purchase the new car you find out the dealer or seller of the new car knowingly and willfully failed to tell you the car has a defective engine and transmission. Would you still buy that new car? Even if it means you’ll be stuck with the costs of repairing the engine and the transmission that may equal or exceed the total value of that new car? Also think about what else could possibly be wrong with that new car besides just the engine and the transmission. This can cause people to end or back away in relationships.



6 Minutes Cost You 600 Thousand-Plus Dollars By Mark Turns. Copyright (c) 2013 Mark Turns. **Note** When the woman becomes pregnant that’s when the drama sometimes starts because, some people just do not want to pay child-support nor take responsibility.


Here’s Your Leash By Mark Turns. Copyright (c) 2013 Mark Turns. **Note** When some people say they want a nice person that will treat them right half the time it’s true and half the time it’s not true because, there are people who like drama and are comfortable with drama. Furthermore, they take kindness for weakness while also wanting their cake and eat it too leaving the nice person with the short-end of the stick.

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 (Freestyle Spoken-Word Video Of Mark Turns) Copyright (c) 2010 Mark Turns. (More Peace, Love, Blues & Harmony Poems) (Results From Exercise Class)


A Video Tribute To Curvy Women. Current, Past & Future. Spoken-Word. Copyright (c) 2009 Mark Turns.

Back Alley Friend Or Lover (Spoken-Word) Copyright (c) 2009 Mark Turns.


My Idea And Type Of Love (Remix) Spoken-Word) Copyright (c) 2009 Mark Turns.



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***CDS and singles by Mark Turns are also available on ITunes and also through this link on SongCast: