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(Spoken-Word video. Did We Really Listen?  Copyright (c) 1997 Mark Turns). ** NOTE ** The reason why I named this page/link Letter From Dr. King’s Widow, Etc. is because, I left a signed, hard-copy of the poem “Did We Really Listen?” for Mrs. King backstage when she made an appearance in Ohio in late 1998. In February 1999, I received a letter form one of Mrs. King’s aides on her behalf thanking me for the poem. I felt deeply honored. The CD titled “Freedom! Will It Include Me And My People? (A Black-History Acknowledgment)” is currently available on ITUNES. http://lilgoat.com/?page_id=886


Labeled As Troublemakers & Agitators (A Tribute To Dr. King And The Civil-Rights Movement) By Mark Turns. Copyright (c) 2006 Mark Turns.


*** NOTE *** See the poems titled “Eyes The Same Color” -and- “Genes, Tendencies & Characteristic-Traits” located 18 & 21 poems, down on the “No Oppression. No Gossip”  page .http://lilgoat.com/?page_id=18  (No Oppression. No Gossip.). Also see the “Quote” by Mark Turns on the same above-mentioned page/link (No Oppression. No Gossip). When people speak of there being more simpler times and more happier times especially, prior to the mid-1970’s timeline I feel this all greatly depends on whom you ask.


                      *****RIGHT AND WRONG SIDES OF THE TRACKS*****

Right and wrong sides of the tracks have always existed in society. Working-class people, organized crime, gangs, prostitution, drugs and gambling all existed and still do. There were also brothels, red-light districts, speak-easy’s, homes for unwed mothers and abortions. Babies were given-up for adoptions.  Hush-hush about whom the real fathers and mothers are of many babies. Furthermore, many fathers and mothers ran from the responsibilities of their children by abandoning them.

During the early years of prohibition and prior, cocaine and heroin were both legal drugs for consumption and many people did. Genes and tendencies do carry so when many people wonder how their friends and loved-ones got hooked on drugs and alcohol this may be one possibility. ***Note*** Prohibition lasted from 1920-1931.

The truth is the truth. Don’t blame nor judge the blues, rock & roll, rap, television, movies nor the 1969 Woodstock festival for places, things, activities, desires and behaviors that were already preexisting in society. Women and men could curse like sailors. It wasn’t unusual nor unheard of. There were also early blues songs and records with such language that would make a gangster-rap song sound like a rated-G Bambi movie, in comparison.  Women posed and danced nude in pictures, in bars/clubs and in films too.

People knew this kind of stuff was going on but, they would talk and respond to others as if they didn’t know better. In other words, they were in denial, covering-up or were some of the actual participants in some, if not all of the above-mentioned.

****Watch the following video “Just Think! (Remix)” ****** The things and the actions mentioned in the video “Just Think! (Remix)” have  been reoccurring for several decades and are still reoccurring.***


It’s Gonna’ Rain Today But, The Sun Will Always Be There. By Mark Turns. Copyright (c) 2011 Mark Turns. (Acapella spoken-word tribute to civil-rights activist Viola Liuzzo. 1925-1965)



Defective Belts & Defective Tongues. By Mark Turns. Copyright (c)2011 Mark Turns.


What Should That Tell You? (The assassination of President John F. Kennedy) By Mark Turns. Copyright (c) 2006 Mark Turns.


Dr. King Stand Firm. By Mark Turns. Copyright (c) 2015 Mark Turns.


Before You Judge. By Mark Turns. Copyright (c) 2015 Mark Turns.



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