What Is The Difference? (REMIX) Copyright (c) 2009 Mark Turns.

What Is The Difference? (Remix) By Mark Turns. Copyright (c) 2009 Mark Turns.


There are people in our society who are critical of grown men and women still living at home with their parents however, they are no significant cases. There are many people in our society in every class who willingly date, glorify, live with, support, marry and also have children with other men and women who are in either one, some or all of the following 4 categories:

  1. Stay in trouble with the law and in jail.
  2. Addicted to alcohol, drugs or both. Furthermore, will not work nor keep a job.
  3. Have one or multiple children by one or multiple people while also not significantly taking care of their child/childen physically nor financially, if at all.
  4. Will not work nor keep a job. **Also see number 2.**

The people who willfully get involved with these same people will also defend and make excuses for them while also still being critical of other grown people still living with their parents. What’s wrong with that picture? Listen to the above sound-clip “What Is The Difference? (Remix)” It goes a little more deeper. When people directly or indirectly say: ” There’s something weird when a grown adult still lives at home with their parents.”  Guess what? It’s not any more weird than the people who are directly and indirectly applied to the above-mentioned numbers of 1 thru 4, including all of what is mentioned in the above-mentioned sound-clip “What Is The Difference? (Remix)” 

A song in relation to this subject is on the CD titled “Draw It Plain.” It is available on iTunes, Spotify,  Shazam, Apple Music, Tidal and and many more. The song is titled “What Is The Difference?”


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