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Why Would You Put Yourself In That Position? Copyright (c) 2008 Mark Turns.

An Empty Building. Copyright (c) 2001 Mark Turns.

What Is A Church? Copyright (c) 2010 Mark Turns.

Subconscious Alcohol. Copyright (c) 2013 Mark Turns.

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Breed positive knowledge not chaos… What are you
going to do when the cheering is gone?

You have good-looks, status, money, houses, popularity
and all of the fast women and men. The fancy vehicles too.
people by the busloads are flocking to you because of all
of the above-mentioned things… You’re buying your friends
and friendships too…
People are cheering you on and telling
you that they love you along with all of the other things
that you want to hear because, you have good-looks, status,
money, houses, popularity etc.
What are you gonna’ do when
the cheering is gone? It’s no-longer there, someday. Even if
it stays, breed positive knowledge not chaos because the
question remains forever “What are you gonna’ do when the
cheering is gone?” Yes. Cherish the moment but, longevity
really matters too… What are you gonna’ do when the
cheering is gone?…
Sometimes one person, one happening or
one situation can cause you to take a good, hard-look at
yourself and acknowledge some things about yourself-
and sometimes,
it’s in a way that you may not see coming. Let me ask this
question again-
What are you gonna’ do when the cheering is gone?


Copyright(c)2009 Mark Turns.










Life is very difficult but many
things and answers in life are
simple as well as should be common-sense.

Don’t use algebra, calculus, geometry or
trigonometry to solve problems that can be
solved using simple math. In other words,
Don’t make it harder than what
it is-  or has to be….


Copyright(c)2008 Mark Turns.




Submitting and surrendering to GOD means
that you are willing to be truthful, faithful
and honest-
serve him… and never getting your
GOD’S confused….


Copyright(c)2009 Mark Turns.




                    No matter what happens from day to day,
it’s always something… but a soft and
tender angel seems to always know your
troubles, your pain and your sorrows…
Soon. Everything will be alright…

A soft and tender angel knows your heart and the
tears that you may cry-  the soft and tender angel
turns them into a rainbow upon a pond that whispers
it’s comforts…
Yes…  And the bluest waters whisper
for another angel to come and give you a smile…


Copyright(c)2008 Mark Turns.


The Catholics were being brutally addressed
for their conduct in the church regarding the
physical misconduct towards the children in
their churches and congregations…

Children should be protected and not victimized
but, are they also going to address the Ministers
and Deacons whom have knowingly fathered illegitimate
children by women in their churches and congregations
and haven’t paid those women any child-support, whatsoever?

Yes! Women outside of the church too?….

Are they also going to address the churches and congregations
that may also be guilty of physical misconduct towards children
and even adults?…

Lets keep it real and keep it right… Somebody really needs to


Copyright(c)2008 Mark Turns.

** NOTE ** This poem “Somebody Really Needs To Listen” is universal and not only applies to church people. Check out the spoken-word title “He’s No Significant Case Or Individual” on this link/page (People! What Are You Doing???)  

***  When people speak of phobias the fear of God is also a “phobia” that should always be recognized and should never be confused nor discounted.***






I’m going to say it again at the risk of repeating
myself from another place, book and chapter…
The flooding,
the natural disasters, fires, bad-things and more too.
Worse than you could ever imagine…
The Lord loves us however,
He’s letting us know that although he loves us, he’s very
displeased… True love is speaking harshly as we live.
The Lord is letting us know that he’s very displeased with
the way that man is misusing his bible, his people, his teachings,
religion and his symbols to conduct and to condone hatred…
Not loving and spreading love.
Misconstruing and only half-reading his words of wisdom
and verses from the bible…
Serving for personal gain instead of serving The Lord…
His love is for us to have, if we want it. Cloning people is
a no-no…
The Lord made us each and every one. That is his
job and our destiny. Speak and have love, as everyone should
know love.
Respect The Lord and his gracious crown…
Your arms are too short to box with him…


Copyright © 2001 Mark Turns.

**NOTE** The Lord is the master of love, forgiveness and of compassion but at the same time, The Lord can also be the master of acting a fool. So if one wants to deliberately act a fool The Lord doesn’t want to but he can REALLY show what a fool acts like. Your arms are too short to box with him. Don’t even dream nor even attempt it.

No one is perfect but, the Bible is not like a grocery store where you can pick and choose only what you want. Furthermore, Ministers and Priests are not tailors meaning they are not meant by God to “tailor” the Bible to one’s own needs, wants and lifestyle. As sinners, along with the good news, if the liar, the thief and so on has to take their lumps in a sermon and through the Bible so does everyone else. 







Until I can see the love of Jesus
in your eyes, you don’t know the look
of love upon him that is guidance…
A belief and strength to never
teach or believe in hate to uplift anyone… not you as
hate or war as poison to kill any children…

A child is his love to cherish as the whole world…
Touch him as you are living and call into peace as calm.
Belief in morals that are love until and beyond I see the
bluest waters to touch his eyes every wind…
People and their lives…
The look of love…  sunshine upon loving one more day…


Copyright © 1997 Mark Turns.





When you go before God at the alter for marriage
shouldn’t it occur to you as well as to your mate
that God knows if whether or not you’re telling the
truth as well as what’s really in your heart?..
Furthermore, if it’s
for the right reasons with a solid foundation?…

It’s the same principles as going to confession and
that is, you might as well tell the truth. Think
about it!…
God already knows before you even let the
first words come out of your mouth… God governs
everything. In other words, tell the truth before God
REALLY makes you face the truth, boldfaced… Reality
will catch you! Don’t think that you’re fooling him
for one minute!… Wisdom always prevails…


Copyright © 2002 Mark Turns.

**NOTE** Isn’t a sin to lie? When you go before the alter and God telling your mate you love him/her or each other when you REALLY don’t 2 sins were committed from the start. You’ve lied to your mate/each other and you’ve lied to God.**






The truth will catch you…
Hide in the leaves, run from the
voice and what you need inside your
every moment but foolish, you were living
your life for other people and totally
forgot all about yourself and a love…
It won’t last long because
age 37 and beyond sight, the truth will catch
you unless, it already has and you’re trying
to sort things out of a ball of confusion…
Dance all night but be brave
to look in the mirror to see who you really are…


Copyright ©1997 Mark Turns.


You want convenience? There’s ATM, drive-thru,
etc. not live with me… It’s not my way so say
marriage or nothing…
My life and welfare is not
a convenience, it’s a delicate piece of love that
I cherish very much as a heart and I love you, so
don’t even try it once…
Yes! you can go on and leave
because your insecurity will destroy my life, so say
it now or say goodbye… If I’m good enough to live
with then I’m good enough to marry and it’s one less
bag to pack when the love ain’t goin’ right…..


Copyright ©1998 Mark Turns.

                   SEE WHAT’S REALLY THERE.

The truth you run from, you
threw in the washing-machine
covered with soap but when it’s
gone through the rinse-cycle, the truth
was still there upon belief-

Tell lies to yourself or someone… it has
a rinse-cycle to confront you all over with
Believe clean or stained pictures-
Wisdom, use anything you want to be gentle or mild
softener..the rinse-cycle has told and will tell
the truth that you must accept and deal with trial,
one way or the other to be the rules…


Copyright (c)1997 Mark Turns.







Time and sands cancer. Can you listen? Yes, when you
and someone believes and eye for an eye, certain situations
may apply for this and more but do you really know what love
is and what it really means?….
Let go and find peace and
truth. Your real past and present issues aren’t truly being
touched and dealt with by your heart somewhere, respect and
Now when I hear your voice, I can only hear the past
of a heart that’s full of hate, bitterness, vengeance and
confusion that leads to more untruth’s, deceit, running away
and blaming others, including more untruth’s of your heart
and insecurities that sees no light at the end of the
just sorrow and bad dreams, sleep and wake, that will
eat you like terminal cancer unless you come to terms and
find peace within yourself with time…

My heart can’t match yours in this way or difference with
hate. It will hurt me forever in the long run as long as
you’re this bitter and confused. Somehow, maybe you’re
not really trying. Can you love anyone?…
A child love and
listen or carry to the sun a sound to hear, you’re never
satisfied and someone gets hurt-  or water save the time in
it’s hand… Just speak now or forever hold your peace- not
anyone else… Maybe you’re crying for help, love and
attention-  Deal with it….
YOU and time are your own worst


Copyright (c) 2000 Mark G. Turns.







When The Lord speaks in his valley,
pray on our knees…
The winds has the suns
wisdom, words and matter…
Did you listen to
what he said before you pray again for hope,
guidance and forgiveness? Love can speak to
you if you try…

Copyright©1999 Mark Turns.




Lay the silver sword on the ground.
Dusts sinks it into the ground…
No fighting-
The silver shines as love. Up comes a
rose, a drink of water and a peace-sign
as love rises with the sun…

Copyright©2000 Mark Turns.




Her hands are blessed as his to
touch the waters-
Gifts, The Lord has baptized with
his faith eternity as his love…

Copyright©1999 Mark Turns.


In-spite of some blind spots, the truth
of the sun never leaves anything unexposed…

Copyright©1999 Mark Turns.


Angels light through the frost on my
The heart of prayer winter-
Nothing stops or unasked… The Lord
speaks through his angels an unheard
song to touch me…

Copyright©1998 Mark Turns.


Angel eyes-  love so beautiful
can see everything I do…
If you would see the sun
before I’d see the dusk-
Heavens call the trumpet-
Guide me to love the one that is really concerned…

Copyright©1998 Mark Turns.




Lord! There are days that I do not feel
as strong as I should or have the knowledge
that I should…
This stone is too much at times.
Your divine strength and guidance for me is needed
today and everyday for the rain that falls in my
life however, with love, I cherish all of your joys
and the gifts too that you give with mercy…

I pray always for your strength to walk, to see and
to cope with my everyday life… I thank you for my
friends and for you always being there in my joys
and in my sadness and anger…
With you the trials,
uncertain and love, the sun will always be in my
eyes again…

Copyright©2002 Mark Turns.


I have my days when I’m frustrated however,
a higher power really keeps me and my faith-
my wisdoms-
Love about God, Angels and Faith-  My earrings for
each prayer…

Copyright©2002 Mark Turns



The most potentially dangerous and unreliable
people and groups are those that cannot think
for themselves.

Copyright©2002 Mark Turns.



I’m not ignorant enough to proclaim a person
as status or a trophy-  even partially nude…
Love, tenderness and hope extends…
Just intelligence creates a bond that we can
live with our hands together…

Copyright(c)1995 Mark Turns.


In a close setting or most anywhere it’ll
only take you and just a handful of policeman
to watch a thief because of knowing what to
but a liar, it’ll take you and a whole
police department. Federal authorities, including
the city, county, suburb and state police because
always guessing and not knowing the truth, you’ll always
have to be prepared for the worst…

Copyright(c)2001 Mark Turns.

                        PRAYER NEVER STOPS

Southern Baptist church-
Gospel honey-butter, a piece of
biscuit to give thanks…
The Lords table cherish soul-food
and gospel after church, in the rain or sun
as prayer…
Love, our brothers and sisters give
love just the way you are… Prayer never stops
at the table…

Copyright©1999 Mark Turns.




Show me peace through The Lords
eyes and where it comes from…
Waters angel, with an
eternal rose…

Copyright©1998 Mark Turns.


Holding hands at the feet of The Lord…
Mountain Heaven reach down his hands…
An angel knows a path of soft blue water touched
gently… Gently touched lamb, my forehead…
The nearest angel-  The Lord has my
soul to keep…

Copyright©1998 Mark Turns.





In-spite of some blind-spots, the truth of
the sun never leaves anything unexposed…

Copyright©1999 Mark Turns.



Sunrise or sorrow… I have just a few
teardrops for the tea after midnight…
Sunrise, maybe the last-   I see

Copyright(c)1999 Mark Turns.




Never overlook the blessings that you already have but at times, may take
for granted or fail to realize:

The cup of tea, coffee, coke or pepsi that you have to drink. There may
have been a time(s) in your life that you may not have been able to afford
either one or even all of the above.

The roof over your head regardless of suburb, urban or rural areas.

Friends. Even the ones that get on your nerves.

The vehicle that you have to drive whether it may be fancy, average or a
hooptie that needs a quart of oil every 5 miles and has SERIOUS rust.
Yes! This means too, the hooptie having wheels and a stereo that costs more
than the car/vehicle, itself and have THE NERVE to have the windows tinted!

Having a job. A LOT of people can’t say that they have a job or let alone,
trying to work one because they’re too lazy!

The ability to walk, talk, eat, sleep, hear, see, balance and use all of
our limbs and five senses.

Being able to read and write. THE WORST handicap that surpasses 95% of all
other handicaps is not being able to read or write! Just like human-nature
we’re always going to need or want something. That’s just life but in all of
your blessings be sure to bless the less fortunate and those whom thrive on
status/appearances and usually do not have 50-cents to put in the
pop-machine and/or they drive a fancy, expensive vehicle and then pull up
at the gas-station and only get two-dollars worth of gas.

Copyright(c)2002 Mark Turns.






Angel water hold the first child…
Angel water speak to the first baby… A sweet time
of blue water is faith The Lord holds in his hands…
Angel water, hold the first child…

Copyright(c)1999 Mark Turns.




Sweet faith and mercy…  Realizing that
there’s always going to be trials with life
but, why hurt each other?…
Speak to a sweet-fountain.
Faith and love should have been an answer…
All I’m wanting is a peaceful life, so what’s with the
nonsense, unwanted chaos and drama that’s not about
love and moving forward?…

Copyright(c)2002 Mark Turns.










Going steady with someone or even engaged.
When your mate says things to you after being
together for a long time such as:

“I don’t know!”
“I’m confused!”
“I don’t know what I want right now!”
Or this is a classic one:
“You can’t put a time-limit on love!”

Most of the time they’re telling you that they
either have no intentions of being with you at all,
they have someone else, they’re hiding something or
all of the above…
Normally, it’s all of the above.
Just pure poison to take your heart away without limits…
Don’t fall for the nonsense because soon, the truth will
be right in front of you…


Copyright©2002 Mark Turns.












The way that man is tampering with and playing with human-nature, with
people, cloning and with the universe GOD is going to step back for JUST A
MINUTE and say to man:
Okay! You wanna’ play GOD as well as
challenge and question me and my authority as well as defy it? Go ahead!
Because you know what? I already know that you’re gonna’ grow weary,
tired, sick as well as make mistakes and do things that you shouldn’t
which also includes being ignorant, reckless and irresponsible with
yourselves, with my universe, with my people, human-nature as well as with
my creations and with my wills. Misguiding people too! And WHEN YOU DO,
I’m gonna’ step back forth AND SHOW YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE, WHO IS GOD!!!

A sudden change and or when the skies turn gray, don’t ask any questions
because, you wanted to play GOD as well as question and challenge me and
my authority as well as defy it, REMEMBER? So now, I DON’T WANNA’ HEAR
IT!!! I want man to clearly understand that this is my house, my people,
nature, my universe AND ALL!!! Don’t get me wrong! I love man very dearly
but unless, man wants to be shown THE REAL DEAL, so to speak, may I humbly
but yet strongly suggest that man stay in his place and not defy nor
question me? In other words, GO SOMEWHERE AND SIT DOWN! Worship me, follow
me and stay in your place. I’m the one that you have to answer to in the
end and in the final days. This is a fight that you CANNOT win because,
your arms are too short to box with me, so don’t try it!

Signed, GOD!
This is MY house!


Copyright©2004 Mark Turns.




                        TEMPTATION OR RESPECT

If you have someone very special, temptation by another beautiful
woman or man, more often than not is like a temporary drug-high that
could cause you to lose everything. Or it can be like a VERY serious
drug-overdose that could kill you more or so from an emotional and
mental standpoint than physical.

Temptation-Island or anywhere else as talked about on television or
radio. Honey, I love you enough not to put myself in that position or
to ask you to do likewise. I’m not going to do that either because,
when I took your hand, that comes that I owe you respect and lots of
love and devotion.

I know that it’s easier said than done however, in all respects to
everyone, that’s what separates those who understand and respect love
and their mate from those who just think that they know and understand
love and get married for the wrong reasons, thinking that it’s just
a game.

Whether it be for entertainment or personal gain, there’s A LOT of
good-looking men and women out there by the seafull however, finding
someone who is really concerned about you and to love you for you
is not so easy. Love is a precious gift that should be respected.

Respectfully, to each their own because, not everyone is looking for
the same thing however, don’t give or set yourself up for an unsafe
drug overdose that could cost you and others A LOT more than what
it’s worth.

To some people, marriage is just a ring and a piece of paper but in
my own eyes, that ring and piece of paper says: “I respect you!”
And not that: “I’m married but I’m still single!” mentality or:
“I’m still going to do what I want to do and explore my options!”

Love is a precious gift…


Copyright(c)2003 Mark Turns


Keeping up with The Jones is just
nonsense because as everything comes
to light, the Jones ain’t doin’ nothin’
but making bills and expenses that they
can’t really pay and keeping up appearances,
that someday is going to get them in dutch and
expose them for what they really are…
Insecurity too…
More than half the time, the truth will expose that the
Jones do not have any more than you and may
someday have to borrow from you or someone just to keep
up their appearances…
To the Jones, I ain’t
got nothin’ for you but advice…


Copyright(c)2003 Mark Turns.










One of the biggest mistakes that you can make
in regards to your mate as far as love is concerned,
is by leaving him or her wondering if whether or not
you love them…

Love, affection, concern and attention are needed
every day because, if you leave your mate to wonder
sooner or later, they’re going to wander…

                                                        Take it or
leave it because sooner or later, the truth will speak for


Copyright(c)2003 Mark Turns.





You’re playin’ games or not
doing what you’re suppose to
Willful action….
A sudden turn may be THE LORD
saying or enacting his will of:
“I’ve seen enough!”…….


Copyright(c)1997 Mark Turns.





I need someone around for love….
Say: “I Love You” but can they prove it?
I’d rather be lonely for the rest of my
life and cry…
Controlling to change someone
is not love, it’s a prison because you’re
lonely anyway to know a song…
If it weren’t
for the above, they aren’t concerned or thinking about
you… You’re just immediate toilet-paper at their
I can’t hear!
Love probe deep to see. False and fake love ALL has the
same character…


Copyright(c)1997 Mark Turns.


Insecurity leads to destruction
ALL AROUND in some way, even if
it’s no more than loneliness and
you’re all by yourself along the
paths… or in the end when you’ve
said your last words….


Copyright(c)1997 Mark Turns.

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