There are 12 tracks on the “Soul & Daylight” CD By Mark Turns. Singles from this CD will be released from mid-2017 through early 2018. One of the singles from the Soul & Daylight CD is titled “Mama Got Some Thickness Goin’ On.”  Below is a sound-sample. This single is also available for sale directly off of this site.

Sample Of Mama Got Some Thickness Goin’ On. Copyright (c) 2017 Mark Turns.

The following 8 singles are currently playing on SongCast Radio and their affiliates: I’m Singin’ I Got Me A Woman, She Makes Me Wanna’ Do That, Mama Got Some Thickness Goin’ On, How Much Does It Cost?, Having You Here, How Do You Tell A Woman That’s Been Hurt So Deeply?, If Ya’ Ain’t Gonna’ Stay Awhile -AND- If It Were To Be.

 Mama Go Some Thickness Goin’ On. (.99 cents) (4.28 minutes).