***Current-Update: Spoken-Word videos have been added to the following 4 links/pages on this LiLGoat site: LOVE, ETC., Religion Corner Poems, Letter From Dr. King’s Widow, Etc. & Graffiti-Wall Collector (Poems)

The following CDS by Mark Turns are now available on ITUNES and also through this link on SongCast:

1). MGT Sounds Of Funktown.

2). Bitter & Sweet. (Music spoken-word love story. Full-length CD)

3). Freedom! Will It Include Me & My People? (A Black-History Acknowledgment)

4). Soul & Daylight.

5). Children’s Songs Volume 1.

6). Harmony & Truth. (Spoken-Word & Songs)

7). It Is What It Is.

8). Songs & A Poem (Reggae).

9). A Cake Made From Scratch. (Spoken-Word)

10). Old-School Spoken-Word & Songs Of Mark Turns Volume 1.

11). On The Wall.

12). Comin’ Through.

13). Scent Of Graffiti.

14). Stop Spraying Cologne And Perfume On Odor & Funk. (Audiobook)

15). Old-School Spoken-Word Of Mark Turns, Volume 2.

16). Draw It Plain. (Coming in late-September 2018 to ITunes)

 Sound Samples Of Draw It Plain By Mark Turns. Copyright (c) 2018 Mark Turns.

17). Children’s Songs Volume 2. (Coming Fall 2018 To ITunes)

18). The title track of my spoken-word CD “Getting To The Roots & To The Seeds” is now an actual song along with another one of my spoken-word tracks titled “You Really Need To Check Yourself.” These along with a few others will be available on ITunes in January 2019. The name of the whole CD is titled “Peace Of Mind.”

The following 12 singles: Vampire Kisses, Suspended License, Can You Hear Me Though The Noise?, Theme Song To Poetry Reign, Kissin’ Thing (Reggae-Version), I’m Singin’ I Got Me A Woman, It’s Your Lady, Gentle Hand & A Gentle Word, My 1972 Chrysler (Comedy), If I Lit A Candle, Truly And Always A Lady (Reggae-Remix) -AND- Mama Got Some Thickness Goin’ On are all available on ITUNES and also through this link: .Other songs and spoken-word by Mark Turns are also available such as Sweet-Lovin’ Lady, When Ya’ Evil In Tha’ Kitchen -AND- I Know What Tha’ Game Is.


*** The free SongCast mobile app to listen to Mark’s music on demand is also available through The App Store and also through Google Play.***Or click directly on this link to get the free SongCast Radio app: