The “Soul & Daylight” CD By Mark Turns is now available on ITUNES.  A single from the Soul & Daylight CD is titled “Mama Got Some Thickness Goin’ On.”  This single is available for sale directly off of this site and also off of ITUNES.

Sample Of Mama Got Some Thickness Goin’ On. Copyright (c) 2017 Mark Turns.

The following 2 singles are currently playing on SongCast Radio and their affiliates: You Caught Me Lookin’ At Ya’ -AND- Having You Here.

Current-Update. My next full-CDS will be on ITUNES between 8/18/2017 and the 2nd week of September 2017. The CDS are:

1). MGT Sounds Of Funktown.

2). Bitter & Sweet. (Music spoken-word love story. Full-length CD)

3). Freedom! Will It Include Me & My People? (A Black-History Acknowledgment)

The following 2 singles I’m Singin’ I Got Me A Woman and Mama Got Some Thickness Goin’ On are both available on ITUNES. Other songs and spoken-word by Mark Turns are also available on ITUNES such as Sweet-Lovin’ Lady, When Ya’ Evil In Tha’ Kitchen -AND- I Know What Tha’ Game Is.

*** The free SongCast mobile app to listen to Mark’s songs on demand is also available through The App Store and also through Google Play.***Or click directly on this link to get the free SongCast Radio app:

 Mama Go Some Thickness Goin’ On. (.99 cents) (4.28 minutes)