The Songs & A Poem CD is the full-length CD except for 3 songs: This Day To be About You, More Beautiful Than Before and I Want To Be The Angel For You.

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Songs & A Poem CD samples.

Samples 1,2 & 3 of Songs & A Poem CD. Copyright (c) 2005 Mark Turns.

Songs & A Poem (New Edition

$2.00  **Songs & A Poem CD.**

 Song-Titles/Order of Songs & A Poem.

1). Truly And Always A Lady.

2). Write Her The Letters. (Poem)

3). True Confessions .

4). Lovin’ A Woman.

5). Make Some Sense Outta’ Time.

6). A Princess.

7). Where Did The Moments Go?

8). Having You Here.

9). Have The Thoughts But Go Slow.

10). I’m Not Gonna’ Start Nor Leave A Mess.

11). She’s Singin’ “I Got Me A Man.”

12). It Doesn’t Matter What The Clock Says.

13). It’s Your Lady.

The following CDS can be obtained through special-order. Click on the “Contact Lil’Goat Images” link on the front homepage for price and availability:

1). Are You Aware? Can You Accept? (39 minutes in length. Love, social-conscious/awareness, life & spirituality. Spoken-word.)

Sound-Samples Of Are You Aware? Can You Accept? Copyright (c) 2006 Mark Turns.

2). Passions 1, Passions 2, Passions 3, Passions 4 Remix, Passions 5 Remix & Passions 6 Remix. (30-40 minutes in length. Sensuality, love & togetherness. Spoken-word. Warning! Does contain sensuality.)

Samples of Passions 1. Copyright (c) 2003 Mark Turns.

Samples of Passions 2. Copyright (c) 2003 Mark Turns.

Samples of Passions 3. Copyright (c) 2004 Mark Turns.

Samples of Passions 4 Remix. Copyright (c) 2004 Mark Turns.

Samples of Passions 5 Remix. Copyright (c) 2005 Mark Turns.

Samples of Passions 6 Remix. Copyright (c) 2006 Mark Turns.

3). Bitter & Sweet. (25 minutes in length. (Love & togetherness. Spoken-word.  Warning! Does contain sensuality.)

4). Added 2B Mix Edition Of Vocals & Vibes. (Click the “Added 2B Mix Edition” link below.)

5). I Know What Tha’ Game Is. (About 30 minutes in length. Sensuality & love. Spoken-word. Warning! Does contain sensuality.)

6). A Cake Made From Scratch. (11 minutes in length. Truth, love & togetherness. Spoken-word.)

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7).  Waters Upon An Angels Sigh. (Poetry)

8). Freedom! Will It Include Me And My People? (A Black-History Acknowledgment)

9). Yeah! You Know This Is Deep.

10). Getting To The Roots & To The Seeds (Spoken-Word Lovestory version)

11).  Getting To The Roots & To The Seeds (Religious-version)


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