Welcome To Poetry Reign T-Shirts.


The designs of Poetry Reign T-Shirts evolved from the blues, hip-hop, poetry and spoken-word of Mark Turns. T-Shirts, hoodies and totebags are available and in many sizes and colors you can choose from. Orders shipped anywhere. ***See pictures/images below.*** Simply visit the Poetry Reign hyperlink (www.poetryreign.com) above or below and then click on any of the below titles/designs numbers 1 thru 10 for your selection(s) and to place your order.

The following are the available titles/designs, etc:

1. Carry His Clothes.

2. Carry His Clothes (2nd Design)

3. Skillet Bone Hound.

4. Platinum Rhymes.

5. Wisdoms Of A Mother.

6. 442.

7. Travel The Blues.

8. Behind Kisser.

9. Lullaby Blues.

10. Poetry Reign.