The CD “Songs & A Poem” And More.


The Following 5 song CD’s are available. The Songs & A Poem CD is the full-length CD except for 3 songs: This Day To be About You, More Beautiful Than Before and I Want To Be The Angel For You. The other 4 cds that are available are: Just Like It Is, If It Were To be, Hearing Your Words and Love, Strength & Talk. The new mix spoken-word CD titled “Real Love Is Blessed And It Is What It Is” is also available. Click on this link for availability, availability listing, sound-samples, etc. (Songs & A Poem CD And Others For Sale).  All CD’s are delivered instantly via download upon purchasing. 

Songs & A Poem (New Edition

Your choice. $2.00 each cd. The If It Were To Be cd is $1.00. Paypal Is Accepted. Sound-samples from each cd can be heard before purchasing. Also visit: .